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Parody fic: The Pirates of Nopantz

My friend, hippie_girl8 and I have poured (or not poured) our still-beating hearts and souls into this little parody fic that I present to you. Seek ye everlasting candles and Jack/Will smut? (with Eliz and Norrington thrown in for good measure)? This be the fic for ye!!

Title: Pirates of Nopantz
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Um...Everyone with everyone..or at least, everyone/Jack. Strong sense of Jack/Will.
Rating:R - But it's a parody...soo...
Summary: Jack and Will go on a perilous journey...not really. Jack and Will enbark on a sexual odyssey, riddled with purposeful spelling errors and everlasting candles, spontanious rain! Can their love endure it? Sure, why not? It's fanfic!
Authors: irish_channel and hippie_girl8, so check out our other stuff!

The Pirates of Nopantz
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